Tuesday Seminar Series

Winter 2014

PBGG Tuesday Seminars are at 12:10 p.m. in Life Sciences 1022. In Winter 2014, the PBGG Tuesday Seminar Series will feature our current students giving In Progress and Exit Seminars as well as PostDocs researching in plant-related fields.

Download a PDF file of the PBGG Tuesday seminar schedule here.

Date Speaker Major Professor Title

Jan 7 Daniel Caddell
Professor Ronald “XA-mediated immunity”

Jan 14 Susan Bush
PostDoc Seminar “A Shady Business: Studying Tomato Responses to Growth in Shade”

Jan 21 Camilla Hill
PostDoc Seminar "Mapping of agronomic, phenology-related and metabolic traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grown in a water-limited environment"

Jan 28 Miguel de Lucas PostDoc Seminar "Getting to the root of Polycomb Repression"


Feb 11 Han Tan PostDoc Seminar "Extreme Chromosome Rearrangements in Arabidopsis"

Feb 18 Ralph McNeilage
Professor Theg "Crossing the Membrane"

Feb 25 Grant Poole
PostDoc Seminar "Utilizing Fusarium resistance QTL in cotton"

March 4 J. Mitch Elmore
Exit Seminar!
Professor Coaker "Quantitative proteomic analysis of plant immune responses at the plasma membrane"

March 11 Eunsook Park PostDoc Seminar "A targeted inhibition of callose deposition at the cell plate by a small molecule during late cytokinesis"

March 18 Juan Carlos Ruiz Guajardo PostDoc Seminar "Costs of Conflict Associated with Ant Colony Fights and Expansion into New Host Trees."

March 25 Kris Hulvey PostDoc Seminar “Benefits and tradeoffs of using tree-mixes rather than monocultures in carbon plantings.”