Student Name Research Interest Professor

Nicholas Aguirre Keith Baar
Olga Balashova Neuromuscular physiology, cell signalling, kinases. Laura Borodinsky
Daniel Bedinger Diabetes, insulin resistance, and monoclonal antibody drug discovery. Sean Adams
Casey Boosalis Pamela Lein
Pearl Chen Michael Rogawski
Heather Clifton Saul Schaefer
Nicole Coggins
Christopher Cox Frank Sharp
Ailsa Dalgliesh Tissue engineered heart valves. Leigh Griffiths
Kevin De Leon
Kathryn Dorhout
Cheryl Dykstra-Aiello Mechanisms of stroke and white matter injury Frank Sharp
Dione Fernandez Gretchen Casazza
Joel Figueroa Edward Schelegle
Amy Flowers Alan Conley
Bert Frederich Nipavan Chiamvimonvat
Amy Gerety
Jaclyn Gosliga Linda Barter
Raman Goyal
Kristi Hamilton I study how changes in the microbiota observed in obese individuals alter gut-brain axis signaling and food intake regulation. We also investigate how pre and probiotics have beneficial effects to restore gut barrier function in obesity. Helen Raybould
Anthony Herren Functional consequences of cardiac voltage gated sodium channel NaV1.5 pathological regulation in heart failure and arrhythmia. The role of CaMKII in cardiac health and disease. Donald Bers
Joyce Huang Conjugation of toxins to monoclonal antibodies to produce a potent specific antibody-toxin molecule that specifically targets Kv channels. Currently working with spider toxin GxTX and sea anemone toxin ShK. Jon Sack
Ian Kimball
Nicholas Klug Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Blood Brain Barrier Ion Transport. Martha O'Donnell
Jesse Krause Hormonal regulation of stress and reproduction in seasonally breeding songbirds. John Wingfield
Hannah Ledford Nipavan Chiamvimonvat
Linda Lee Lipoproteins, vascular inflammation, vascular biology, vascular dementia John Rutledge
Jacqueline Levin Signaling mechanisms of spinal cord and muscle regeneration in the tail of the Xenopus laevis tadpole Laura Borodinsky
Tingting Liu Mitochondria, Heart failure. NRF2. Anne Knowlton
Xiyuan Lu Donald Bers
Philip Matern Currently focusing on the regulation of skeletal and cardiac muscle mass, and the role of E3 ligases (MuRF1 and MAFbx) in the regulation of atrophy and hypertrophy. Sue Bodine
Colin McCoin Sean Adams
Marissa Zubia McMackin Friedreich's Ataxia, neurodegenerative diseases Gino Cortopassi
Cristhian Montenegro
Grace Or
Denise Ortiz
Angela Papalamprou Antigen removal (decellularization) approaches for development of immunoacceptable xenogeneic scaffolds for myocardial tissue engineering. Leigh Griffiths
Mikella Robinson
Adam Ross Role of Pak1ip1 in craniofacial and neural development. Konstantinos Zarbalis
Karine Schaal Gretchen Casazza
Mitchell Simon
Michael Steinman Sex differences in the involvement of oxytocin and arginine vasopressin in social withdrawal. Brian Trainor
Craig Steward
Phung Thai Saul Schaefer
George Todd
Justin Van Hoorebeke Gretchen Casazza
Brittani Wood Julie Bossuyt
Karen Word Integrated endocrine and energetic responses to environmental challenges, developing a means to measure allostatic load John Wingfield
Alfred Yu Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, Mitochondria, Neurodegenerative Disease Gino Cortopassi

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