Student Name Research Interest Professor

Omar Ali
Johnathon D. Anderson Developing mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow as a therapeutic for two diseases, peripheral arterial disease and Huntington's disease; in part by engineering a newly characterized cell-to-cell communication system mediated by secreted vesicles termed exosomes. Our lab is currently in the process of taking several MSC based therapies through pre-clinical studies and operates a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility for cellular based therapies. Jan Nolta
Sarah Anderson Genomics of the Maternal to Zygotic Transition in Rice Venkatesan Sundaresan
Erin Arms Dina St. Clair
Christopher Beitel
Adam Blattler I am investigating the function and genome-wide DNA-binding properties of transcription factors as it relates to global DNA methylation patterning and cancer. Specifically, my dissertation project aims to study the role of POZ and BTB domain-containing zinc finger proteins (ZBTBs) and their role in the epigenetic regulating the genome in the presence and absence of DNA. I am interested in the epigenetic regulation of the genome, and how the methyl-DNA landscape of the human genome dictates transcription factor binding and recruitment of histone-modifying proteins.
Yana Blokhina
Scott Brandl I am interested in using DNA barcodes to answer ecological questions. In practice, this can mean a number of things, including detecting prey in a predator’s stomach or residual DNA in water samples, among others. Bernie May
Emily Brown Danika Bannasch
Daniel Chu Sean Burgess
Edwin Chuck
Phillip Conklin Anne B. Britt
Mary Wallace Corrigan Homologous recombination
Rochelle Coulson Janine LaSalle
Michelle Curtis Phytophthora capsici resistance in pepper Dina St. Clair
Jacob Devine
Keith Dunaway Epigenetics, Bioinformatics, and Aging. Janine LaSalle
Cassie Ettinger Plant-microbe interactions Jonathan Eisen
Donald Gibson
Daphne Gille Holly Ernest
Hyrum Gillespie Abhaya M. Dandekar
Steven Gore role of Rad55-57 in Rad51-DNA filament formation Wolf-Dietrich Heyer
Daniel Gregory
Matt Grimmer
Stella Hartono CpG Island Promoter, Mammalian Genomics, Epigenetics & Gene Expression, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology. Ian Korf
Genki Hayashi Elucidating the pathogenesis of Friedreich's Ataxia with the emphasis on the Nrf2 antioxidant pathway. Gino Cortopassi
Brittany Hazard I am interested in crop improvement, trait development, and plant breeding. I am currently working with TILLING mutants in pasta and bread wheat to increase the amount of resistant starch (~fiber) in the grain. Jorge Dubcovsky
Tyson Howell Cloning and characterization of a gene translocated from rye into wheat which confers increased yield, particularly under drought conditions Jorge Dubcovsky
Vicki Hwang Flora Tassone
Mittal Jasoliya Gino Cortopassi
Robyn Jimenez Martin L. Privalsky
Newamul Khan
Razib Khan Phylogenetics and population genetics of the domestic cat utilizing genomic methods.
Tae Hyun Kim Huaijun Zhou
Angelica Kowalchuk Retinal development in mice Nadean Brown
Daniel Lewis I am interested in modeling and building gene networks to better understand how cells controls their metabolism and respond to environmental stimuli.
Yoong Wearn Lim Using a genomic approach to understand human diseases Frederic Chedin
Katrina Linden I am interested in the role of RING-type E3 ubiquitin ligases in plant development. Judy Callis
Simon Lopez
Hannah Lyman I am a joint student in the Miller and Korf labs working on de novo assembly methodologies for highly accurate high-throughput sequencing of complex vertebrate genomes. Michael Miller
Marla McPherson I am interested in the genomic state of virulent and vaccine strains of Marek's disease virus in host (chicken) lymphocytes Mary Delany
Amory Meltzer James Hildreth
Atefeh Mousavi Nik Janine LaSalle
Matthew Mullin
Nicole Narayan The gut microbiota and implications towards immune system development and function Dennis Hartigan-O'Connor
Jillian Ng
Zachary Norgaard
David O'Donnell Study the effects of host-microbe interactions on overall growth in maize landraces. Alan B. Bennett
Ruochuan Pan
Dan J. Prince genomics, molecular ecology, population genetics, and salmonid conservation Michael Miller
Sonia Reveco
Juan Reyes
Sebastian Reyes Chin Wo Richard Michelmore
Gavin Rice Artyom Kopp
Perot Saelao I am interested in understanding the genetic root to disease resistance and susceptibility. Utilizing genetic and genomic approaches, I hope to create a better understanding of the regulatory mechanisms involved in host pathogen interactions. Huaijun Zhou
Christian Santos Medellin Venkatesan Sundaresan
Rosalinda Savoy My project involves Androgen Receptor regulation of gene transcription in prostate cancer. During the course of prostate cancer and metastasis the Androgen Receptor begins to regulate a different set of genes that allows it to become resistant to treatment. We are interested in finding out how this change occurs and how to prevent it. Paramita Ghosh
Natasha Shroff
Lattha Souvannaseng Study of MAPK phosphatases in the African mosquito Anopheles gambiae and their role in malaria parasite development and transmission. Shirley Luckhart
Surapun Tepaamorndech
Nicholas Thomas Pamela Ronald
Ted Toal Discovery and analysis of gene regulatory networks directing root development. Siobhan Brady
Katharine Tomalty Bernie May
Laura Vann My research focuses on understanding population structure, divergence, and systematics of Yucca brevifolia (Joshua tree). I am using a combination of analyses of morphological traits and next-gen sequencing technologies to answer questions concerning divergence and speciation within Joshua tree. I am also exploring the ecological genetics of tb1 in natural populations of teosinte in Mexico. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra
Dianne Velasco I am investigating the evolution and domestication of peach, almond, and their wild relatives in Prunus subgenus Amygdalus by resequencing the genomes of twenty individuals. With these and additional publicly available peach resequencing data I aim to better understand the species relationships and their demographic and domestication histories, plus compare domesticated almond and peach genomes. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra
Caitlin Watt
Donnelly West Understanding genetic and hormonal mechanisms by which plants control lifelong de novo organ generation. Neelima R. Sinha
Samuel Westreich
John Williamson I am interested in using single cell genomics and other sequence based approaches to monitor how cancers change over time and in response to therapy. Luis Carvajal-Carmona
Kelsey Wood I am interested in using genomics and bioinformatics to analyze networks of protein-protein interactions between plants and the pathogens that colonize them. I am also interested in using protein biochemistry to probe the molecular basis of these interactions. Richard Michelmore
Zhanghang Yan
Ingrid Youngworth Mary Delany
Carolyn Yrigollen
Abigail Yu Ian Korf
Yiwen Zhang

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