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Picture of Marcel Rejmanek


Marcel Rejmanek


Evolution and Ecology

5337 Storer Hall


1977 PhD Charles University Plant Ecology
1970 Charles University, Czechoslovakia RNDr

Research Interests:

Predicting and quantifying the risk of invasions by plants. Role of spatial aggregation in competition among different plant species. Plant community classification and dynamics. Modeling. Tropical ecology: seed dispersal and regeneration of tropical forests.

CBS Graduate Group Affiliations:

Plant Biology  

Specialties / Focus:

Plant Biology
Environmental and Integrative Biology


Last updated 4/15/2012
Simberloff, D. and M. Rejmanek, eds. 2011. Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions. University of California Press, Berkeley, 765 pages.

Brewer S and M Rejmanek. 1999. Small rodents are significant dispersers of tree seeds in a Neotropical forest. Journal of Vegetation Science. 10:206-215

Rejmanek M and DM Richardson. 1996. What attributes make some plant species more invasive?. Ecology. 77:1655-1661

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Aslan, C. and M. Rejmanek. 2012. Native fruit traits may mediate dispersal competition between native and non-native plants. NeoBiota 12: 1-24.

Teaching Interests:

Plant ecology. Weed biology. Plant community ecology. Tropical ecology. http://


ECL 206 Concepts and Methods in Plant Community Ecology
EVE/PLB 117 Plant Ecology
EVE/PLB 119 Pop Biology of Weeds

Key Words:

Ecology, biological invasions, plant demography, seed dispersal, tropical forests, vegetation succession