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Picture of Thomas W. Schoener


Thomas W. Schoener

Distinguished Professor of Biology

Evolution and Ecology

6328 Storer Hall


1969 PhD Harvard University Biology
1965 BA Harvard University - Biology

Research Interests:

Experimental studies of lizard and spider colonization and competition on islands. Experimental food-web manipulation as it affects herbivores, intermediate predators, and producers. Mathematical models of population interactions, territory size, food-web effects, and parasitoid occurrence; feeding strategies; island ecology; lizard population biology; predation; and resource partitioning. Development of methods for estimating home-range area and independence of successive observations. Analysis of size differences among certain hawks and lizards, with reference to the "null-model" controversy in community ecology.

Department and Center Affiliations:

Center for Population Biology

CBS Graduate Group Affiliations:

Population Biology  


Last updated 9/9/2011
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Field Sites:

West Indies: Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico; Cayman Islands; Bermuda; Hispaniola; Australian, Pacific and Asian tropics; Western U.S.; Eastern U.S.; Europe; Balearic Islands.
Habitats studied: islands, scrub, dry forest, rainforest, desert, deciduous and mixed forest.

Teaching Interests:



EVE 101 Introduction to Ecology
PBG 200B Principles of Population Biology