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Ann LT Powell

Professional Research Biochemist

Plant Science

Plant Reproductive Biology Bldg., Rm 1143


1976 PhD University of Washington Biochemistry
1971 BA Stanford University Biological Sciences

Research Interests:

My primary research interest is to understand the roles of enzymes and proteins in developing and ripening fruit. I have three major research topics: 1. Identify functions in green fruit that can improve the resistance of red fruit to pathogens, 2. Determine how Golden 2-like transcription factors regulate chloroplasts in fruit prior to ripening, 3. Characterize proteins and enzymes that modify the plant cell wall during fruit ripening, 4. Develop transgenic rootstocks for grafting to improve scion products. I work primarily with tomato and Arabidopsis but have also worked with strawberry and melons. Our group works with necrotrophic fungal pathogens and transgenic plants to investigate the functions of proteins and enzymes. I have taught an undergraduate lab course on techniques used in research in the plant sciences (BIT 161B) and a course on scientific writing and proposal preparation (BIT/PLB188).

Department and Center Affiliations:

Plant Sciences Department, Section Agricultural Plant Biology
Plant Genome Affiliation Group

Professional Societies:

Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions
Association of Plant Biologists
Association of Women in Sciences

CBS Graduate Group Affiliations:

Plant Biology  

Specialties / Focus:

Plant Biology
Cell and Developmental Biology


Last updated 8/14/2012
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Laboratory Personnel:

A Powell lab

Teaching Interests:

Undergraduate Research Proposal preparation - BIT188. This course is intended for students actively participating in undergraduate research, or who plan to do so in the near future. This is a writing intensive course that can be considered a laboratory in scientific writing, You will learn how to define a research problem with a faculty mentor, how to design well-controlled experiments, and how to present your ideas to others. http://www.plantsciences.ucdavis.edu/Classes_2006/BIT_188_2006/index.htm


BIT 188 Undergraduate Research Proposal preparation Spring
BIT 161B Plant genetics and biotechnology Winter

Key Words:

Fruit quality, development, pathogen resistance, chloroplast, grafting