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Picture of Robert H Weiss


Robert H Weiss


Nephrology (Internal Med)
Chief of Nephrology, Sacramento VA Medical Center

GBSF rm 6312
(530) 752-4010


1991 University of California, San Francisco Fellowship, Nephrology
1984 MD University of California, Irvine Medicine
1980 MS University of California, Los Angeles Medical Physics
1978 MS University of California, Los Angeles Physical Chemistry
1976 BA University of California, Santa Cruz Chemistry

Research Interests:

cyclins and cyclin inhibitors, cancer growth control, metabolomics and proteomics, polycystic kidney disease

Department and Center Affiliations:

UC Davis Cancer Center

CBS Graduate Group Affiliations:

Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology  

Specialties / Focus:


Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS:

Immunology Comparative Pathology  
Comparative Pathology  


Last updated 5/21/2010
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