Mark Goldman

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Professor, HHMI Professor


Center for Neuroscience
Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Offices and Labs

(530) 757-8749


2000 PhD Harvard University
1993 BS Stanford University

Research Contribution

My laboratory uses computational modeling to bridge the gap between single-neuron measurements, network function, and behavior. We study a wide variety of systems and seek to address questions ranging from cellular and network dynamics to sensory processing, memory, and plasticity. Much of our recent work has focused on systems known as neural integrators that store a running total of their inputs in memory. Networks of this type are present in a large number of brain regions, where they perform a broad array of functions. For example, neural integrators in the neocortex accumulate and store information used in making decisions, while integrators in the oculomotor system keep our eyes focused on objects of interest. By building computational models that cross scales from ion channels to behavior, we seek to uncover the mechanisms of normal function and disease states, and to identify targets for drugs to treat neural disorders.


Sloan Fellowship
HHMI Professor
Outstanding Graduate Mentor in Neuroscience