Merna R. Villarejo

image of Merna R. Villarejo

Professor Emeritus


Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Offices and Labs

356 Briggs Hall


1963 PhD Biochemistry University of Chicago
1959 BS Biochemistry University of Chicago

Research Interests

Mechanism of bacterial adaptation to osmotic stress.

Teaching Interests

Introductory biology.


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
  • Wise A, R Brems, V Ramakrishnan, and M Villarejo. 1996. Sequences in the 35 region of Escherichia coli rpoS-dependent genes promote transcription by Esigmas. Journal of Bacteriology. 178:2785-2793
  • Ding Q, S Kusano, M Villarejo, and A Ishihama. 1995. Promoter selectivity control of E. coli RNA polymerase: Differential recognition of osmoregulated promoters by Esigmas and Esigma70 holoenzymes. Molecular Microbiology. 16:6
  • Mellies J, A Wise, and M Villarejo. 1995. Two different E. Coli proP promoters respond to osmotic and growth phase signals. Journal of Bacteriology. 177:144-151