Jeanette E. Natzle

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Emeritus Professor


Molecular & Cellular Biology

Offices and Labs

3167 Life Sciences


1981 PhD Biochemistry University of California, San Francisco
1976 BS Biochemistry University of California, Davis

Research Interests

Gene regulation, especially steroid hormone regulation of gene expression in Drosophila. Molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis and differentiation of epithelia during embryogenesis and imaginal disc development at metamorphosis. Steroid hormone role in development and function of the insect immune system. Drosophila developmental biology and developmental genetics. Identification and characterization of steroid biosynthesis pathways in insects.


Genetics Society of America
American Society for Cell Biology
Society for Developmental Biology

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Integrated Genetics and Genomics

Teaching Interests

Cellular regulation of gene expression. Advanced developmental biology and developmental genetics. Molecular mechanisms in animal development.


11/21/2013 10:29:01 AM
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  • Natzle JE, Daio F, White BW, Kiger JA (2013) The batone mutation of the disco-related gene targets command neurons in the Bursicon signaling network of Drosophila. Submitted to G#
  • Natzle JE. 1993. Temporal regulation of Drosophila imagined disc morphogenesis: A hierarchy of primary and secondary 20-hydroxy-ecdysone-responsive loci. Developmental Biology. 155:516-532
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