Nadean Brown

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Cell Biology and Human Anatomy, School of Medicine

Offices and Labs

4407A Tupper Hall
4407/4416 Tupper Hall


1994 PhD Cell & Molecular Biology University of Wisconsin

Research Interests

Mammalian Developmental Genetics

My research group aims to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating the formation of the mammalian lens and retina. We are investigating the genetic pathways underlying lens and retinal tissue formation during embryogenesis. This research will contribute to a better understanding of congenital eye diseases and ultimately inform therapies that can correct vision loss. Currently we are focused on understanding: 1) how retinal progenitor cells choose to become one type of neuron, although multiple fates are available to them and 2) the role of the optic nerve head in patterning the retina.


1995-96 NRSA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
1995 NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship (declined)
1996 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course "Molecular Embryology of the Mouse" Participant
2014 Visual Systems Development Gordon Conference Vice Chair
2016 Visual Systems Developement Gordon Conference Chair

Department and Center Affiliations

UC Davis Center for Vision Sciences
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center


Genetics Society of America
Society for Developmental Biology
Society for Neuroscience
International Society for Eye Research
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Integrative Genetics and Genomics
Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Specialties / Focus

Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Developmental Biology
  • Gene Regulation
  • Signal Transduction
  • Vision
Integrative Genetics and Genomics
  • Developmental Genetics
  • Model Organism Genetics


Mina Azimi, BMCDB Graduate Student
Angelica Kowalchuck, GGG Graduate Student
Joel Miesfeld, Postdoctoral Fellow
Bernadett Bosze, Postdoctoral Fellow


Cell Biol CH402 Cell & Tissue Biology


12/19/2017 12:54:42 PM
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