Chester W. Price

Research Professor

Offices and Labs

239B Briggs Hall
239 Briggs Hall

Profile Introduction


1976 Ph.D. Microbiology UC Davis
1968 BA Microbiology UC Riverside

Research Interests

Molecular genetic analysis of bacterial signaling mechanisms.


3/5/2014 3:36:43 PM
  • Gaidenko, T. A., and C. W. Price. 2014. Genetic evidence for a phosphorylation-independent signal transduction mechanism within the Bacillus subtilis stressosome. PLoS One 9:e90741.
  • Gaidenko, T. A., X. Bie, E. P. Baldwin, and C. W. Price. 2012. Two surfaces of a conserved interdomain linker differentially affect output from the RST sensing module of the Bacillus subtilis stressosome. J. Bacteriol. 194:3913-3921
  • Nadezhdin, E. V., M. S. Brody, and C. W. Price. 2011. An alpha/beta hydrolase and associated Per-ARNT-Sim domain comprise a bipartite sensing module coupled with diverse output domains. PLoS One 6:e25418.
  • Gaidenko, T. A., X. Bie, E. P. Baldwin, and C. W. Price. 2011. Substitutions in the presumed sensing domain of the Bacillus subtilis stressosome affect its basal output but not response to environmental signals. J. Bacteriol. 193:3588-3597.
  • Eymann, C., S. Schulz, K. Gronau, D. Becher, M. Hecker, and C. W. Price. 2011. In vivo phosphorylation patterns of key stressosome proteins define a second feedback loop that limits activation of Bacillus subtilis sigma-B. Mol. Microbiol. 80:798-810.
  • Price, C. W. 2010. General stress response in Bacillus subtilis and related Gram positive bacteria, p. 301-318. In G. Storz and R. Hengge (ed.), Bacterial Stress Responses, 2nd edn. American Society for Microbiology, Washington, D.C.
  • Shin, J.-H., M. S. Brody, and C. W. Price. 2010. Physical and antibiotic stresses require activation of the RsbU phosphatase to induce the general stress response in Listeria monocytogenes. Microbiology 156:2660-2669.
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