Shota Atsumi

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Offices and Labs

Chemistry 218


2002 Ph.D Chemistry Kyoto University

Research Interests

Synthetic biology for biofuel production

An increased understanding of system properties underlying cellular networks enables us to construct novel systems by assembling the components and the control systems into new combinations. We are applying this approach to the field of metabolic engineering, which strives for the optimization of desired properties and functions, such as the production of valuable biochemicals. The production of valuable chemicals from microorganisms suites to solve some significant challenges, such as converting renewable feedstocks into energy-rich biofuels. Currently, our main focus is developing synthetic organisms capable of converting CO2 directly to biofuels.


2012 UCD Hellman Fellowship
2014 NSF CAREER Award

Department and Center Affiliations

Department of Chemistry


American Chemical Society
American Society for Microbiology
Society for industrial microbiology

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

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Atsumi Research Group website
  • (Postdocs) Christy R-Deere, (Visiting Researcher) Masahiro Kanno, (Graduate Students) Jordan McEwen, Shuchi Desai, Nicole Nozzi, Anna Case, Austin Carroll, Neal Oliver, and Yuki Soma


CHE 298 Chemical Biology for Energy and Environment
CHE 105 Anal & Phys Chem Methods
CHE 2C General Chemistry
CHE 135 Adv Bio-organic Chem Lab


7/15/2015 7:34:47 PM
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