Cassandra Tucker

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Animal Science, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Offices and Labs

2109 Meyer Hall
+1 530 754 5750


2003 PhD University of British Columbia
1998 BS University of California, Davis

Research Contribution

My area of study, animal welfare, is a matter of widespread concern and plays an increasingly important role in policy and regulatory decisions about food production. I investigate how behavior and physiology of cattle change in response to farming practices that may affect animal welfare, such as painful procedures (e.g., tail docking, disbudding), management decisions (e.g., stocking density), and environmental conditions (e.g., effects of weather and mitigation strategies; comfort of lying and standing surfaces). The results of my work contribute to science-based decisions about animal agriculture.

Research Interests

Animal welfare

I am interested in animals that we raise for food and research in my lab primarly focuses on cattle, both dairy and beef. I am interested in motivated students with long-term career goals connected to food and agriculture.  

Department and Center Affiliations

Animal Science
Center for Animal Welfare

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Animal Behavior

Specialties / Focus

Animal Behavior
  • Animal Management and Welfare

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS

Animal Biology

Field Sites

UC Davis Dairy website
Collaboration with AgResearch Ltd in New Zealand website
UC Davis beef unit website
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center website


ANS 104 Domestic Animal Behavior (Fall)
ANS 106 Domestic Animal Behavior- Lab (Winter)
ANB 298 Advanced Animal Welfare (Winter, odd years)


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