Sheila David

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Offices and Labs

Chemistry Bldg, Rm 312 Davis, CA 95616
+1 530 752 4280


1989 PhD Chemistry University of Minnesota
1984 BA Chemistry Saint Olaf College


Beckman Young Investigator
AP Sloan Foundation

Department and Center Affiliations



American Chemical Society
Environmental Mutagen Society

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS



370 Chemistry website
  • Valerie O’Shea, Undergraduate student, 5/00-5/01, graduate student, 6/01-present Nirmala Krishnamurthy, Graduate Student, 6/03-present Sucharita Kundu, Graduate Student, 5/04-present Sheng Cao, Graduate Student, 4/04-present Lisa Ortgiesen, Graduate Student, 4/06-present Jody Richards, Graduate Student, 4/06-present Paige McKibbon, Graduate Student, 1/07-present Megan Brinkmeyer, Graduate Student, 1/07-present Benjamin Garman, Undergraduate Student, 3/07-present Zoe Smith, Undergraduate Student, 7/07-present Shon Chandra, Undergraduate Student, 7/07-present

Teaching Interests

Chemical Biology, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Che 8A Elementary Organic Chemistry (Fall)
MCB 221A Physical Biochemistry (Fall)
Che 135 Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory (Spring)
Che 221D Special Topics: Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
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