Elizabeth Disbrow

Adjunct Asstistant Professor


Neurology - Medicine

Offices and Labs

1544 Newton Ct
(530) 754-4484


1996 PhD Physiological Psychology University of California, Davis
1990 MS Psychology California State University, Sacramento
1988 BS Physiological Psychology University of California, Davis


Ruth Dick Hunter Memorial Scholarship 1984-1988
UC Davis School of Medicine Staff Development Award 1991-1993
UC Davis Graduate Fellowship Award 1994-1995
Fellow, 1997 James S. McDonnell Foundation Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience
Rapporteur, Human Frontiers Science Program Workshop 5: Evolutionary Perspectives on Brain and Mind, Strasbrourg, France, 1997

Department and Center Affiliations

UC San Francisco Department of Radiology; <A href="http://bil.ucsf.edu">Biomagnetic Imaging Center</A>
UC Davis Department of Neurology; <A href="http://neuroscience.ucdavis.edu">Center for Neuroscience</A>


Society for Neuroscience

CBS Grad Group Affiliations


Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS



5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
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