Helen Raybould

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VM Anatomy, Physiol & Cell Bio

Offices and Labs

2021 Vet Med 3B

Profile Introduction

Neural innervation of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular the primary afferent innervation.


1986 PhD Physiology University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
1977 BS Biological Sciences University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Research Interests

Neural innervation of the gastrointestinal tract

Vagal afferent neurons, including their role in GI physiology and food intake.  Research is also looking at how the phenotype of these neurons change in obesity and metabolic disease.

Gut Microbiota

Influence of gut microbiota on GI physiology, including gut epithelium and intestinal barrier function and on plasticity in vagal afferent neurons


Janssen Award for Basic Research In Digestive Sciences, 2000

Department and Center Affiliations

Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology, School of Veterinary Medicine


American Physiological Society
Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior
American Gastroenterological Association

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology

Specialties / Focus

Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology
  • Systemic Physiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Metabolic Physiology

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS


Teaching Interests

Integrative gastrointestinal physiology


2/8/2015 7:57:06 AM
  • Raybould HE. Gut microbiota, epithelial function and derangements in obesity. J Physiol. 2012; 590(Pt 3):441-6. PMID:22183718

  • Chichlowski M, De Lartigue G, German JB, Raybould HE, Mills DA. Bifidobacteria isolated from infants and cultured on human milk oligosaccharides affect intestinal epithelial function.J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2012 Sep;55(3):321-7. PMID: 22383026

  • de Lartigue G, Barbier de la Serre C, Espero E, Lee J, Raybould HE. Leptin resistance in vagal afferent neurons inhibits cholecystokinin signaling and satiation in diet induced obese rats. PLoS One. 2012;7(3):e32967. PMID: 22412960

  • Ronveaux CC, de Lartigue G, Raybould HE. Ability of GLP-1 to decrease food intake is dependent on nutritional status. Physiol Behav. 2014 135:222-9. PMID: 24955496

  • de Lartigue G, Ronveaux CC, Raybould HE. Deletion of leptin signaling in vagal afferent neurons results in hyperphagia and obesity. Mol Metab. 2014 3(6):595-607. PMID: 25161883

  • de La Serre CB, de Lartigue G, Raybould HE. Chronic exposure to Low dose bacterial lipopolysaccharide inhibits leptin signaling in vagal afferent neurons. Physiol Behav. 2015 139:188-94.  PMID:  25446227