F. Thomas Ledig

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Plant Sciences


1967 PhD Genetics North Carolina State University
1965 MS Genetics North Carolina State University
1962 BS Plant Science Rutgers University

Research Interests

Conservation genetics, population genetics, and evolutionary biology of rare conifers


Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, elected 2002
Barrington Moore Memorial Award, Society of American Foresters, 1992
Award in recognition “Por sus aportaciones al conocimiento y conservación de coníferas mexicanas [of your contributions to the knowledge and conservation of Mexican conifers]; Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Saltillo, Coahuila, México, 2009

Department and Center Affiliations

Plant Science


American Association for the Advancement of Science
Society for Conservation Biology
Botanical Society of America
Society of American Foresters

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Integrated Genetics and Genomics

Specialties / Focus

Integrated Genetics and Genomics
  • Plant Breeding

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS


Field Sites

Institute of Forest Genetics website

Teaching Interests

Conservation and population genetics


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