Louis Botsford

Professor of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology


Population Biology
Wildlife&Fish Conservation Bio

Offices and Labs

1077 Academic Surge


1978 PhD Electrical Engineering University of California, Davis

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Population Biology

Specialties / Focus

Population Biology
  • Population Dynamics

Teaching Interests

Population dynamics. Population estimation. Physical/biological interactions in the coastal ocean.


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
  • Botsford LW, A. Hastings and SD Gaines. 2001. Dependence of sustainability on the configuration ofmarine reserves and larval dispersal distance. Ecology Letters . 4:144-150
  • Botsford, L.W., J.C. Castilla, and C.H. Peterson. . 1997. The management of fisheries and marine ecosystems. . Science. 277:509-515
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