Louis Botsford

Professor of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology


Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Center for Population Biology

Offices and Labs

1077 Academic Surge


1978 PhD Electrical Engineering University of California, Davis

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Population Biology

Specialties / Focus

Population Biology
  • Population Dynamics

Teaching Interests

Population dynamics. Population estimation. Physical/biological interactions in the coastal ocean.


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
  • Botsford LW, A. Hastings and SD Gaines. 2001. Dependence of sustainability on the configuration ofmarine reserves and larval dispersal distance. Ecology Letters . 4:144-150
  • Botsford, L.W., J.C. Castilla, and C.H. Peterson. . 1997. The management of fisheries and marine ecosystems. . Science. 277:509-515
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