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Plant Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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Profile Introduction

Plant Breeding and Plant Germplasm Research - emphasis on pistachio and other tree crops.


1979 PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison
1977 MS University of Wisconsin, Madison
1973 BS University of Wisconsin, Madison

Research Contribution

In 1989, I initiated a varietal breeding program to produce improved cultivars of pistachio (a major California tree nut crop). This activity resulted in the development of a considerable body of quantitative genetics information as well as the generation of advanced selection lines for cultivar release and the release of three new cultivars in 2006-7 which are being widely planted by the industry. With my colleague, C. Kallsen, we are in the process of patenting 3 additional pistachio cultivars to extend the harvest season. My work on pistachio propagation resulted in the development of micro-propagation protocols adapted by private nurseries to propagate pistachio rootstocks. During the last few years I have used PCR and RFLP technologies to elucidate the taxonomic relationships of species within Pistacia, Juglans, Prunus, and Diospyros. During the last 5-10 years, I have also conducted grant funded studies with Co-PIs to develop a biocontrol yeast for pistachio, investigate the bio-diesel potential of Jatropha curcas, sequence three peach genomes, develop high density SNP maps from two peach progenies, and identify peach resistance genes at the genome level. Selected publications are provided below.

Research Interests

Plant breeding, plant genetics, plant germplasm conservation and related issues. Recent activities include pistachio breeding, peach genome analysis, and new crops and technologies.

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Plant Sciences Department


American Society for Hort.icultural Science

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Integrative Genetics and Genomics

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Integrative Genetics and Genomics
  • Plant Breeding

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Horticulture-Agronomy Graduate Group


10/23/2017 1:09:51 PM
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