Bryce Falk

Professor of Plant Pathology

Offices and Labs

558 Hutchison Hall


1978 PhD Plant Pathology University of California, Berkeley
1976 MS Plant Pathology University of California, Berkeley
1974 BS Biology California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Specialties / Focus

Plant Biology
  • Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Genomics

Teaching Interests

Teaching general plant pathology, general virology, and graduate plant virology.


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
  • Kong, P., Rubio, L., Polek, M., and Falk, B. W.. 2000. Population structure and genetic diversity within California citrus tristeza virus (CTV) isolates. Virus Genes 21: 139 - 145.. Virus Genes. 21:139 - 145
  • Tian T, L Rubio, H-HYeh, B Crawford, and BW Falk. 1999. Lettuce infectious yellows virus: in vitro acquisition analysis using partially purified virions and the whitefly Bemisia tabaci.. Journal of Gen Virology. 80:1111-1117
  • H.-H, Tian, T., Rubio, L., Crawford, B., and Falk, B. W. . 2000. Asynchronous accumulation of Lettuce infectious yellows virus (LIYV) RNAs 1 and 2, and identification of a RNA 1 trans enhancer of RNA 2 accumulation. . Journal of Virology. 74:5762 - 5768