Fadi Fathallah

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Biological Systems Engr

Offices and Labs

3020 Bainer Hall


1995 PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering Ohio State University
1988 MS Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Virginia Tech
1986 BS Industrial Engineering Texas Tech University

Department and Center Affiliations

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
UC Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center
UC Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety


American Society of Biomechanics
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Ergonomics Society (UK)
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Institute of Industrial Engineers

Specialties / Focus

Exercise Science
  • Biomechanics

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS

Biomedical Engineering

Field Sites

Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory website

Teaching Interests

Occupational Biomechanics; Ergonomics; Musculoskeletal Disorders


EBS 128 Biomechanics and Ergonomics (Spring)
EBS 228 Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorders (Spring)


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
  • McGorry, RW, Hsiang, SM, Fathallah, FA, and EA Clancy. 2001. Timing of activation of the erector spinae and hamstrings during a trunk flexion and extension task. Spine. 26:418-425
  • Marras, WS, Allread, WG, Burr, DL, and FA Fathallah. 2000. Validation of a low-back disorder risk model: A prospective study of ergonomic interventions associated with manual materials handling jobs. Ergonimics. 43(11):1866-1886
  • Fathallah, FA, Marras, WS, and M Parnianpour. 1998. The role of complex simultaneous trunk motions in the risk of occupation-related low back disorders. Spine. 23(9):1035-1042
  • Fathallah, F. A., Miller, B. J., & Miles, J. A. (2008). Low back disorders in agriculture and the role of stooped work: scope, potential interventions, and research needs. J Agric Saf Health, 14(2), 221-245.