Thomas H. Tai

Associate in the Agricultural Experiment Station


Plant Sciences

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1995 PhD Plant Biology University of California, Berkeley
1990 BS Cornell University

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Plant Biology

Specialties / Focus

Plant Biology
  • Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Genomics


4/30/2012 3:18:36 PM
  • • Monson-Miller, J., Sanchez-Mendez, D.C., Fass, J., Henry, I.M., Tai, T.H., and Comai, L. (2012) Reference genome-independent assessment of mutation density using restriction enzyme-phased sequencing. BMC Genomics 13:72
  • • Kim, S.I. and Tai, T.H. (2011) Identification of genes necessary for wild-type levels of seed phytic acid in Arabidopsis thaliana using a reverse genetics approach. Mol Genet Genomics 286:119-133
  • • Kim, S.I., Andaya, V.C., and Tai, T.H. (2011) Cold sensitivity in rice (Oryza sativa L.) is strongly correlated with a naturally occurring I99V mutation in the multifunctional glutathione transferase isoenzyme GSTZ2. Biochem J 435: 373-380
  • • Tsai, H., Howell, T., Nitcher, R., Missirian, V., Watson, B., Ngo, K., Lieberman, M., Fass, J., Uauy, C., Tran, R., Khan, A.A., Tai, T., Dubcovsky, J., and Comai, L. (2011) Discovery of rare mutations in populations: TILLING by sequencing. Plant Physiol 156:1257-1268
  • • Kim, S.I. and Tai, T.H. (2011) Evaluation of seedling cold tolerance in rice cultivars: a comparison of visual ratings and quantitative indicators of physiological changes. Euphytica, 178:437-447
  • • Kim S.I., Andaya C.B., Goyal S.S., and Tai, T.H. (2008) The rice OsLpa1 gene encodes a novel protein involved in phytic acid metabolism. Theor Appl Genet 117: 769-779