Patrick Brown

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Professor of Plant Sciences


Plant Sciences

Offices and Labs

3041 Wickson Hall


1989 PhD Cornell University
1982 BS B.Ag.Sc.Hons. University of Adelaide

Research Interests

Plant and Soil Nutrition

Perennial Horticulture. Physiology and biochemistry of plant nutrient uptake, interactions of nutrition with disease resistance and the selection of crops with improved nutrient efficiency. Nutritional requirements of both annual and perennial systems, application technology and development of environmentally sound fertilizer use. Molecular and genetic aspects of nutrient acquisition and tolerance. Nutritional physiology. Boron, Nickel.


American Society For Horticultural Science
International Society for Horticultural Science

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Plant Biology

Specialties / Focus

Plant Biology
  • Environmental and Integrative Biology

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS

Horticulture and Agronomy Graduate Group
Soil Science; Agronomy and Horticulture; Viticulture and Enology


Plant Nut PLS158 (Spring)
Plant Env PLS100C (Spring)


6/7/2012 11:19:20 AM
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