Kevin Rice



Population Biology
Plant Sciences

Offices and Labs

2224 PES Building


1984 PhD Ecology University of California, Davis
1978 MS Biological Oceanography University of Miami
1975 BS Biology University of Miami

Department and Center Affiliations

Center for Population Biology

CBS Grad Group Affiliations

Population Biology

Specialties / Focus

Population Biology
  • Population Dynamics
  • Population Interactions
  • Population and Quantitative Genetics
  • Evolutionary Ecology/Life History Strategies

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS


Teaching Interests

At the undergraduate level, I am interested in providing students with a sound ecological basis for understanding the conservation, restoration, and management of range and wildland systems.


ASE 130 Rangeland Ecology, Conservation and Restoration
ASE 131 Ecology and Identification of Grasses
PBG 207 Plant Population Biology Crosslist w/ECL 207


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
  • Dyer AR and KJ Rice. 1999. Effects of competition on resource availability and growth of a California bunchgrass. Ecology. 80:2697-2710
  • Knapp EE and KJ Rice. 1998. Comparison of isozymes and quantitative traits for evaluating patterns of genetic variation in purple needlegrass . Conservation Biology. 12:1031-1041
  • Nagy ES and KJ Rice. 1997. Local adaptation in two subspecies of annual plant: Implications for migration and gene flow. Evolution. 51:1079-1089