Susan Rivera

Asst Professor


Center for Mind & Brain
MIND Institute - UCD Medical Center

Offices and Labs

174k Young Hall; 202 Cousteau Pl.


1998 PhD Psychology University of California, Berkeley
1991 BA Psychology Indiana University

Department and Center Affiliations

Department of Psychology; Center for Mind and Brain; M.I.N.D. Institute


Society for Neuroscience
Society for Research in Child Development
Cognitive Neuroscience Society

CBS Grad Group Affiliations


Specialties / Focus

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Medical Neuroscience

Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS

Psychology; Human Development


Neurocognitive Development Laboratory website
  • Nancie Zawaydeh -graduate student (Human Development; Eric Charles - graduate student (Psychology); Faraz Farzin - graduate student (Psychology); Melissa Henry - PGR/lab manager; Kami Koldewyn - graduate student (Neuroscience); Elizabeth Reynolds -PGR;

Teaching Interests

Developmental Neuroscience; Cognitive Development; and Numerical Representation and Reasoning.


PSC 146 Development of Memory
PSC 141 Cognitive Development
PSC 290 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (graduate seminar) (Spring)
PSC 212A Cognitive and Perceptual Development (Spring)


5/21/2010 9:26:34 AM
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