Isaac Pessah

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Distinguished Professor and Assoc Dean Research and Graduate Education


Molecular Biosciences, School of Veterinary Medicine

Offices and Labs

2203 VM3A
(530) 752-6696

Profile Introduction

Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating ryanodine receptors and Ca2+ signaling


1983 PhD Toxicology University of Maryland
1981 MS Toxicology University of Maryland
1977 BS Biology Cornell University

Research Contribution

Participated in the discovery of ryanodine receptors. Helped raise awareness of environmental triggers of clinical disorders.

Research Interests

Gene by environment interactions contributing to neuromuscular and neurodevelopmental disorders

Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating ryanodine receptors and Ca2+ signaling


Pfizer Research Excellence
Elsevier Distinguished Lectureship
CAN/Autism Speaks Environmental Innovator

Department and Center Affiliations

Deputy Director, Center for Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention


Biophysical Society
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Society of Toxicology
American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

CBS Grad Group Affiliations


Graduate Groups not Housed in CBS



Pessah Lab 1278,1279,1282 Surge III website
  • Wei Feng, Gennady Cherednychenko, Susan Hulsizer, Yao Dong, Kim Truong, Ray Zhang, Yassaman Niknam, Erika Fritsch, Kyla Walter

Teaching Interests

Principles of Pharmacodynamics and Toxicodynamics (PTX202) - Receptor occupancy theory. Structure, function, and pharmacology of ion channels and Receptors coupled to GTP-binding proteins. Principles of Pharmacology (VMD414A) - Pharmacodynamics Physiological Chemistry (VMD403) - Principles of cell signaling

Personal Interests

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